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1. :Aromatisse:
I use this mon too much. It's honestly really, really good at whatever the fuck you want it to do. It really isn't close to my personal favorites but by builder and in-game usage it's probably in the top 3 and I think it will always make a team better by having it.

You can run Rocky Helmet. You can run Wiki. Being a part of innovating Aromatisse has been quite fun, and I hope to see it in SV so it can be explored even more. I seriously recommend giving this mon a try if you haven't yet, the matchups it can get are ridiculous due to its movepool, bulk, and ungodly sexy stat.

2. :Aromatisse:
Broken incarnate. Just use it for more than 10 battles and you'll understand. Encore solves the metagame minus a handful of sets and mons you can't really beat. Always feels good to click because you know you're going to have very good odds to win vs a lot of teams.
As a bonus, you can 3-0 the obnoxious fraun sample with good gameplay.

3. :Aromatisse:
My opinion on Aromatisse has always been constantly shifting, but I think now I can safely say I've decided that it's a good mon. What's most piqued my interest about it is how reliable Encore is. Versus other fairies, the most amount of setguessing you have to do is whether they are scarf or not. My personal preferred set is Encore/Trick Room/Disable for the most consistency.
I think Aroma is in an okay spot right now, it is pretty reliable against the top mons, having something good to pick against the band zera and kiss is great.

4. :Aromatisse:
Fell off but obviously still good lol. Don't use SpD Wiki. This girl still beats 5% of steel types and Avalugg for no discernible reason with minimal commitment. It beats beats every single dragon type bar Naga which not a single person uses anyway. Babiri is that good cheese and I love it because the opponent always has to respect the possibility even if it's not evident on preview. Kebia is the rarest usable set I think but it's still absolutely insane, beating specs Naga is funny.
I dunno. Aromatisse rewards genuinely skillful play between setguessing and choosing the right move vs stuff like CounterCoat Swampert.

5. :Aromatisse:
The ORIGINAL ragequit machine. Shooter games were so inspired by the rage Aroma causes they decided to build toxic communities to mimic it.
Anyway, Aromatisse isn't solely carried by people losing their shit at seeing Struggle, otherwise it would be pretty bad tbh. Obviously there's more to it, and it's the fact that it can EV for whatever the hell it wants. True Aromatisse counters really are few and far between. With such a silly ability, solid typing, very good bulk and crazy inflexibility, I think Aromatisse still has more to it than has been currently developed, and while I'm not particularly excited to fight new Aromatisse sets, I am excited for this thing to eventually become suspect worthy.
Oh, and I love using this mon because it can either fill holes or be part of a core. Not too deep.

6 :Aromatisse:
Well-defined matchups is such a rarity in this tier, and I think Aromatisse having an obvious matchup spread works in its favor; it loses to steels and poisons, and beats most else. My favorite set to use is probably Rocky Helmet, since it tanks a lot of attacks and then strikes back with Encore, or just Trick Rooms in your face and refuses to die.
Encore is such a fun move.

7. :Aromatisse:
It really is as simple as having broken typing + Encore to complement broken typing. Beats a lot in theory with Encore and Trick Room and Disable. I think Rocky Helmet is the best set because it catches everyone off guard and turns Struggle 3hkos into 2hkos, which matters a lot.

8. :Aromatisse:
I know this mon is bad, and cheesable as fuck, and really really lackluster, but Encore can actually beat things, and it's kinda reliable vs a fair amount of threats. Yeah that's really it though it's just on this list because of Encore.

9: :Aromatisse:
Everything is 3-0d by Aromatisse. This is below Aromatisse because of Encore setguessing, but otherwise this mon feels incredibly good to use because it defeats everything upon Encore landing.
Weird to build with though.

10: :Aromatisse:
Does not die barring Poison STAB, super bulky, Aroma Veil giving it an effective Mental Herb is a little ridiculous LOL. A fairy type that genuinely beats fairies most of the time is hilarious and I do not use this mon that much at all, but it's fun to use because of both its comedy value and reliability.
I just want to say, I think that steelix is a pretty solid potential mon, off topic sure but I believe it could potentially have use, specifically it has some nice sturdy revenge kills, it could have a very neat mixed defenses vest set, a set for bulky attack, etc. What are your thoughts?
the fact that pokemon like Custap magnezone, a strong special attacker, can’t break moltres without para is terrifying.
252 SpA Magnezone Thunderbolt vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Moltres: 236-282 (61.4 - 73.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
?_? what if i the zone user were to run metal sound

You can run toxic to wear down Pokemon like Togekiss.
trick -> air slash 4 times
252 SpA Togekiss Air Slash vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Moltres: 93-111 (24.2 - 28.9%) -- 98.9% chance to 4HKO
roost if flamethrower

Any other unique PP stallers anyone can think of?
what makes moltres unique here to be exact? isnt entei just better with an actually reliable matchup vs zone and such
literally just run the standard moltres set and not be a cheap entei rip off

Stall (Moltres) @ Maranga Berry
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 52 HP / 248 SpD / 208 Spe
Timid Nature
- Burn Up
- Substitute
- Roost
- Hurricane / Brave Bird

assists fairy types with excellence who fear nag and lando (specs)
lando can run rock slide on specs

i used to run aegislash (wp max special attack) and I found you literally always win by clicking flash cannon t1. No matter the invests or move they pick, you win. They click trick room and you attack? Shadow ball. They click encore? They’re dead, babiri or not. They click disable? Shadow ball. I don’t see any real way to beat aegislash, so I find it’s a reliable check + it can beat Zera, sadly aegis can’t take down lando t. Regardless; strong pokemon, give it a try when struggling with aromatisse (can’t beat shifus, don’t try) not to mention it’s steel type, so togekiss shudders too. I guess the marange set works to beat aegis, but there’s ways to beat that. Few + far between but especially metagross.
I guess what im saying is aegis is cool, metagross is cool, and they like to beat up fairies.

I'm back with more shitting on ladder

So someone used Tangela in a tour, so imma do the same with other moms
:dartrix: :eviolite:
Dartrix @ Eviolite
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
- Toxic
- Feather Dance
- Roost
- Confide

Last night at 10pm (gmt -4 time) I popped off with Dartrix. Did rly good vs a lot of it was up against. My first attempt at replicating Tangela

:toxapex: :black sludge:
Toxapex @ Black Sludge
Ability: Merciless
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Impish Nature
- Baneful Bunker
- Recover
- Knock Off
- Gunk Shot

A physical wall. Maybe you can cheese toxic stalling more with Pain Split over Recover, but so far I'm just experimenting. Try it out for yourself, lemme know how good Dartrix or toxapex are

And with that being said, goodbye

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